Vasavya Mahila Mandali

Vasavya's Humanism and Professionalism for Development

Vasaya Mahila Mandali Celebrating 40 years

Vision & Mission

Impacting lives of Women and Children through Sustainable Community Driven Lifecycle Initiatives.


  1. To ensure the rights of women and children in life cycle through community-driven initiatives of care, protection, development and welfare
  2. To facilitate knowledge building of communities on issues of orphan and vulnerable children with gender inclusivity and improving value of education through environmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive approaches.
  3. To promote the physical and psychosocial health of communities by building knowledge on prevention/care/treatment and thereby increasing demand for government services; building capacity of government services; and delivering quality outreach services through community support structures.
  4. To promote entrepreneurship and financial sustainability of vulnerable families by educating them on their economic rights, building vocational skills, employment opportunities and access to credit.
  5. To increase capacity of the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and civil society organisations
  6. To facilitate meaningful participation of women and youth in multi-level democratic decision making bodies and to advocate changes for progressive policies.


  1. Humanism
  2. Gender in life cycle
  3. Rights based approach
  4. Valuing communities
  5. Partnering with civil society  
  6. Sustain  quality of services
  7. Transparency
  8. Social audit
  9. Professionalism
  10. Evidence based
  11. Value for money, matter,  work