Vasavya Mahila Mandali

Vasavya's Humanism and Professionalism for Development

Vasaya Mahila Mandali Celebrating 40 years

Time Line

Mile stones of Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM)

Since its inception in 1969, VMM is serving the people reorienting its services to suit the changing needs of society. The feathers added every year are given in chronological order.


  • Apollo Tyres Health Care Center – Facilitated Integrated Counseling and Testing Center (FICTC): VMM, ATF and APSACS in public private partnership initiated FICTC from February 2017 to provide HIV testing services to truckers and allied population.
  • Rural Mart: Vasavya Rural mart was started with the support from NABARD, proving marketing platform for women producers through a market out let and exhibitions.
  • Designated Microscopic Centre at Velagaleru PHC under Lab Technician – Strengthening RNTCP Diagnostic services under Program Management to provide Tuberculosis testing services.
  • Street Vendors In Business Development Skills Project supported by Axis Bank Foundation for livelihood economic development to street vendors in Vijayawada by developing hygienic and healthy food practices.
  • Community Based HIV Testing Programme with the support from AIDS Health Care Foundation India Cares started in six sites of three districts (Visakhapatnam, West Godavari and Krishna in Andhra Pradesh) to provide door step HIV testing to unreached population
  • Counseling services and shelter for women in crisis: Professional counseling services provided for women in crisis and provide shelter with the support from C3 (Center for Catalyzing Change) for providing shelter and counseling service to women and girls in difficult situations
  • Commercial tailoring training to women and girls with the support from Shriram Foundation providing training in tailoring along with fashion designing techniques by the Samana Institute for Design Studies
  • Yuvamitra: Gender Based Violence Project supported by U.S. Consulate, India to combat gender based violence in three cities (Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Bhuvaneswar (Orissa) and Hyderabad (Telangana), working with college youth.
  • AMMA project supported by HCL Foundation to make Vijayawada number one women friendly city in India with empowerment and dignity in collaboration with Vijayawada city police
  • CLAPP – Community Led Action Programme by Police with technical support from PCVC and financial support from U.S. Consulate to knowledge the exact situation of gender based violence and act accordingly to reduce with the involvement of different stakeholders
  • Gender ToT: For Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute developed module on gender and conducted ToT and is implemented throughout 13 districts. VMM is also supporting at Krishna DTC on Gender.
  • Training of Police on gender sensitization: VMM is facilitating training sessions / workshops at Police Training Colleges (PTC) to Police Constables and Sub Inspectors new recruiters.
  • Global Initiative for Health and Development (GIHD), Geneva supporting for improving the health and nutrition.


  • VMM facilitated skill development programme in industrial tailoring training for Women and young girls sarted Feb 2016
  • VMM initiated a social enterprise for improving the menstrual hygiene among women and girls through awareness and availability of sanitary napkins, initiated a production unit August 2016
  • VMM facilitated skill development programme through Digital Learning Center for youth


  • General Public Health and Pipeline Safety Awareness Programme in Krishna District − with the support from GAIL (India) Ltd has conducted 10 health camps and awareness on GAIL, LPG pipe line for the villagers.
  • Managing a designated Microscopic Center (DMC) for sputum testing for Tuberculosis at Ranigarithota slum in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Presented at Chicago University, New Delhi center on “ Tuberculosis, Human Rights and Laws” organized by Chicago university US.
  • Signed MOU with Government of Andhra Pradesh under Swatch Bharat Mission to make villages open defecation free by facilitating Individual House hold toilets.
  • Conducted a study “ Are women safe at workplace: Critical Analysis of sexual harassment against women at workplace in formal and informal sectors of Andhra Pradesh, India”
  • Livelihood support through loan for farm and non-farm sectors through NABARD.


  • Preventing Parent to Child Transmission by early identification, care and support of vulnerable pregnant women through frontline functionaries (ANM and ASHA) for improving Maternal Health in Adilabad district of Telangana with the support of − MAMTA health institution funded by International HIV/AIDS Alliance.
  • Productive 500 skilled youth for Young India with fund mobilization through Global Giving, to support education needs of student youth in Krishna district.
  • Study conducted on causes and consequence on child marriages, Krishna district − cross sectional analysis.
  • Presented at Chicago University, New Delhi center on “Tuberculosis Community Driven approaches for Stigma Reduction” organized by Chicago university US.


  • Study on causes and consequence imbalanced child sex ratio in AP.
  • Produced Chittithalli documentary film on child marriages, gender discrimination.
  • Abhaya counseling center supported by Unnatti foundations for providing counseling to destitute women and family members.
  • Social inclusion through employment linked training programme for orphan youth supported by Yashoda Charitable Foundation.
  • Facilitated project for Formation of internal complaints committee for sexual harassment at work place in corporates, institutions and Banks both in private and public sector


  • Initiated ‘MaaThota’(Our Garden) Programme with tribal populationat A. Konduru Mandal of Krishna District supported by NABARD under Tribal Development fund. The focus of the programme is to empower the tribal population in techniques of agriculture.
  • Residential Special training center for girls supported by Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA for school drop outs.
  • Urban Residential hostel for girls supported by Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA) with a focus on educating school dropouts, begging girls child labour and orphans.


  • Lead partner to India HIV/AIDS Alliance to implement ‘KOHISH’ project to improve sexual reproductive health services for people living with HIV with 5 district level networks and 5 Key population organizations in Andhra Pradesh
  • Lead partner to TB Alert Indiato implement TB initiatives in Andhra Pradesh (TAP) programme in coastal Andhra Pradesh with 6 NGOswith technical support by TB Alert (UK)
  • Initiated Apollo Health Care Center at JawaharAutonagar for truckers and allied population in Vijayawada to prevent, identify and treat STI and HIV.


  • Organized a South India Regional Workshop on Torture
  • Launched ‘ManaBhoomi’ (our earth) Programme for community based climate change initiatives
  • Marketing promotion for SHGs through organizing exhibitions. 


  • Lead organization with 2 NGOs  for HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination reduction programme.
  • A study on ‘Assessing the vulnerability of children in Krishna district’ supported by UNICEF.
  • Knowledge Sharing in academic corridors: organized Noncredit skills building certificate programs in Universities for social work students.
  • Attended ‘Executive Development Programme’ with Pepal and INSEAD
  • Disaster Management Programme
  • Pediatric TB-HIV Co-Infection Project covering population of 5 microscopic centers in Vijayawada
  •  Micro enterprise develop programme (MEDP) and Rural Enterprise Development Programme (REDP)


  • Lead partner for Community based Pediatric Dash Board Programme with ten partners for care and support for children affected and living with HIV.
  • Lead partner for  “Balasahayoga” programme to care and support of children affected by HIV reaching households, promotion of testing and treatment for children living with HIV,  and facilitating safety nets for food security with3 NGOs/CBOs
  • Children’s Village: A Transit Home for OVC was started to keep the children left on the streets or orphaned due to HIV.
  • Targeted Intervention for HIV prevention and care among Migrant population in Vijayawada
  • Implemented prevention of parent to child Transmission (PPTCT) outreach programme covering 15 Mandals in Vijayawada revenue division
  • “MeeNestham“Mobile Integrated counseling and Testing Center under Public Private Partnership in Krishna district.
  • “Health on Wheels” initiated for providing quality medical services for people living with HIV in Vijayawada
  • Participated in Social Development Market place organized by The World Bank, DC in Mumbai.
  • Organized Asia and Eastern Europe Alliance Regional Blue Sky meeting at Vijayawada.


  • Secondary Recipient for “CHAHA”: Child centric HIV/AIDS care and support   program with 6 partners in 4 districts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh
  • Constructed Saraswathi Gora Youth Centre for providing shelter to street youth in Kanuru village, Krishna District. Counseling, skill development and career guidance are being provided by the rehabilitated youth. The center is being managed by the youth from the beneficiaries.
  • Promoted orphan and vulnerable children network “Children Leadership Development Association (CLDA)” with children affected by HIV and street children.
  • Facilitated communities ownership of programs for sustainability in Home and Community based HIV/AIDS programme.
  • Implemented TB-HIV co-infection Programme with a pediatric focusin Vijayawada urban.


  • Lead organization for Clinton HIV/AIDS initiative of Pediatric Care, Support and treatment, partnering  with 47 NGOs/CBOs for providing identification of HIV among children, CD4 testing and Ante Retroviral Therapy with follow up.
  • Improving the education and health of children and communities in Vijayawada learning centers in 25 government schools.
  • Lead organization for Feminization of HIV/AIDS in Sexual Reproductive Health with 5 NGOs to improve treatment seeking behavior among women and to access public health services.
  • Developed training modules for National AIDS Control Organization on Pediatric Counseling for counselors in ART centers with the support of World Health Organisation, India
  • Capacity building to PPTCT Out Reach Programme staff in Andhra Pradesh
  • Managing 2 more urban Health centers as a  co-management agency with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation


  • Lead partner for 9 NGOs to Education and Knowledge Building Programme for orphan and vulnerable children.
  • Women empowerment program by establishing two resource centers and education support to adolescent girls for higher education.


  • Krishna community Health Intervention programme for reduction of five diseases HIV, TB, Malaria, Leprosy and Filaria in Vijayawada.
  • Managing 2 urban Health centers as a  co-management agency with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation
  • Working in partnership with corporates in addressing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with KCP Ltd in Krishna district and ITC Ltd in Prakasam district.
  • Facilitated and capacitated community structures as an exit strategy
  • Initiated Anganwadi Training Center to train teachers and helpers working in Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) projects    


  • Conducted study on “Care and support current provisions for AIDS orphans in Andhra Pradesh” commissioned by The World Bank, Washington DC


  • Initiated Information, Education and communication (IEC) wing at VMM
  • Initiated Home/Community based HIV/AIDS Care and Support programme in Vijayawada urban.
  • Appointed as Co management agency for Juvenile Home at Vijayawada


  • Programme as Lead partner for Home/Community based HIV/AIDS Care and Support programme with 7 partner NGOs in Andhra Pradesh.


  • Iinitiated Community awareness on HIV/AIDS in Andhra Pradesh
  • Multi-Purpose Health Workers (MPHW) Female Training Institute recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh


  • Initiated Partnership Sexual health project among Street Children in Vijayawada for prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Established Vasavya Rehabilitation center for Torture victims (VRCT)


  • Facilitated community monitoring of Crèches by SHGs
  • Conducted a study on Girl Child Prostitution Rehabilitation
  • Female Sex Workers Rehabilitation to control HIV/AIDS through Income Generating Programmes.


  • Micro - credit to SHGs as a movement
  • Initiation of a Marketing centre -"Collection"to promote SHGs
  • Capacity building of SHGs and NGOs / village level Mahila Mandals (women organisations)
  • Facilitated training of women to entre local and State Legislative Bodies
  • Golden Jubilee celebrations of Quit India movement by honoring 50 freedom fighters.
  • Conducted a situational analysis of STI and HIV/AIDS in and around Vijayawada in a joint initiative with Rotary club of Vijayawada and Dolphin Medical services.


  • Non Formal Education to School dropouts in rural areas of Krishna


  • Rural Housing Programme for 2000 pucca houses in rural areas.
  • VMM facilitated network of 21 village based women organizations in Krishna district to get support for construction of individual Toilets and Housing programme (27 units per organisation).
  • Funded to SHGs as credit for productive loans and trained on banking and financial management.
  • Establishment of VMM Extension counterof Corporation Bank, a nationalized bank.
  • Establishment of Swetcha Gora Eye Bank
  • Organized awareness meeting on HIV/AIDS to NGO representatives. 


  • Silver Jubilee year of ‘vasavya’. Silver jubilee hall was constructedwith the support of Kala BandhuDr. T.SubbaramiReddy and Foundation Stone laid by Ms. Basava Rajeswari, Union Minister for women and child development. 


  • Initiated pilot project of women self help groups formation for thrift andcredit for economic development.
  • Started Old age home for grannies at Gosala, Penamaluru mandali, Krishna district.


  • Rural Sanitation Programme: constructed about 4000 toiletsin Krishna district that improved hygiene in rural areas.
  • Safe drinking water supply by digging 57 bore wells in villages and handed over to local self governments. This made an impact in reduction of water borne diseases.


  • Drinking Water Awareness Camps on defluorination in the villages of West Krishna district with the technical support of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences.
  • Initiation of international volunteer placements
  • Professional strategies developed with community driven models.


  • Overseas Development Agency Programm­­e for slum development started in Vijayawada city and the early childhood programme was shifted to rural areas. ­­
  • Training of women elected to Local self-governments based on 73rd and 74th constitutional amendment. The facilitation was focused on building the confidence of women elected and the process of elected bodies was practiced for effective participation.


  • Organized series of seminars on National Integration with youth
  • Organized series of seminars on National Integration with faith based organisations


  • Employment bac­­­­k up skill development training programs: in Television assembling, Garment Making, Housekeeping in Hotels, Beauty culture, computers, type writing and short hand
  • Series of workshops for ‘Prevention of drug abu­­­­se and alcoholism’


  • Priyadarshini Working Women's Hostel was constructed in the same campus and inaugurated by the then Honorable Vice President of India Mr. R. Venkata Raman on 9th August.
  •  Establishment of Gora Abhaya Nivas- Short Stay Home for women in need providing counseling, protection,legal guidance, vocational training and rehabilitation. Inaugurated by the then Honorable minister for women and child welfare, Government of India Mrs. Maragatham Chandrasekhar on 9th August.
  • Management of a Licensed Postal agency


  • Procured a site for establishment of Vasavya MahilaMandali: Donation of 1180 square yards site at Benz Circle, Vijayawada by Mr. Chennuapti Seshagiri Rao and Mrs. Vidya forwomen and child welfare programs


  • Initiation of Dance School –  ‘VasavyaNrutyaVihar’ to promote social change through dance.


  • Crochet Lace Making and knitting training for girls and women



  • Hand composing and book binding trainings for adolescent girls
  • Early childhood programmes for supplementary nutrition and preschool education and immunization though Crèches and Balwadis in urban areas. Formation of Mother’s committees for knowledge building and monitoring of the programme.



  • Established Vanita Typewriting Institute for girls and women
  • Carpet weaving, Bathik Printing and cane and Bamboo training for girls and women



  • Nutrition education programs for women with community contribution
  • Initiated Dress Making Training Centre (DMTC)
  • Disaster management and Rehabilitation of 1977 tidal wave/cyclone victims



  • International  Women’s Year Celebrations
  • VMM is registered under Indian societies Act of 1860
  • Facilitated registration of 21 Mahila Mandals in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh
  • Registered Mahila Mandals Parishad at District level
  • Founder director, State Women Finance Corporation


  • Knowledge building through workshops for women on issues related to women with community support.
  • Skill development programs for women: Handicrafts making and exhibition based marketing.


  • Informal cooperative spirit for buying consumables by women groups
  • Economic development of women though dairy
  • Established Milk collection center with women, linked to Vijayawada Milk Powder factory


  • Cost effective lending library for women
  • Linking women groups with village based cooperative society
  • Adult education with gender inclusivity.


  • Creating a platform for women
  • Adult Education for women
  • Breaking the caste barriers through ‘Social mixy pot’- cosmopolitan lunch
  • Training for women in Ambar charkha, hand weaving of thread from cotton for cloth making
  • Formation of women groups with 5-10 members: thrift of INR 5 per month and transfer of skills and literacy.