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The entire management processes and practices of Vasavya Mahila Mandali are in compliance with the principles of Good Governance.



Executive Committee of VMM





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Mrs. PrayagaVedavathi

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Mrs.Patibandla Ratnavani

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Mrs.Kalaganti Revathi

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VMM from the inception itself works on a delegated work environment. Each and every person in the organization is involved in the process of decision making in a scientifically designed system. Making Policy and Decision in VMM are done through a three tier system. 

a. Departments & Projects:
Monthly review meetings are held for each project and department regularly.

b. Executive Committee:
As the VMM as a women headed organisation, the General body consists of 40 active, dynamic and professional women. Among them the body elects the Executive Committee members with 9 women members. Each Executive Member will take the responsibility of implementing various projects as Project Director.
The Executive Committee of VMM holds a meeting minimum quarterly one and looks after day to day management. In these meetings, the Committee will make resolutions to take up new projects with the support from the new donors. The Committee also decides to involve the other NGOs/CBOs who are expertise in their fields to implement various projects in Andhra Pradesh.

c) Advisory Body:
The Board of Advisors comprises of technically competent people from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The body is formed for a period of one year and a few independent members with eminence and reputation are nominated each year. Members of this board also meet once in a year.
The Board of Advisors advises VMM, taking regular inputs from the Executive Committee.

d) Staff pattern:
VMM employs qualified and efficient accountants and senior staff holding a variety of post-graduate academic and managerial qualifications ranging from social sciences, management, home science, education, para medical and medical sciences. VMM has strong teams to manage community based programmes and research projects.Staff are selected through an interview published either through advertisement in Newspaper / e forums / promotion of the VMM staff on roles for the skilled ones.OUR STAFF

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Vasavya Mahila Mandali encourages its partners to follow Credibility norms for ensuring good governance in the development sector. VMM also follows norms of good governance itself.VMM strive to build capabilities of its grassroots NGO partners towards good governance.
The Governance and Credibility System includes a systematic set of norms.

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The project management and monitoring system in VMM comprises of a systematic and well laid down processes. These are as follow:

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Partners are invited selection of partners for required locations under specified programme through advertisement in relevant forum, websites; and also through reference from credible partners as well as perennial. Also, prospective partners keep on submitting proposals directly to the VMM during specific period. The selection of partners is done basing on Desk appraisal, Field Appraisal, their specific field expertise.

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Vasavya Mahila Mandali has a two tier audit system to ensure that funds are utilized to the optimum level in an accountable manner.

a) Statutory Audit: is held by the statutory auditor for finalization of balance sheet and statement of affairs. This is also done to comply with standard statutory norms.

b) External Evaluation/audit: Basing on the MoU by the donor agency the impact and outcome of various projects of VMM are evaluated by external evaluation agencies/auditors having decades of relevant experience on the subject.
Audit reports and activity reports are discussed with the Executive Committee to take suitable and necessary steps if required viz. IT returns, FC3 returns, Renewal of Societies Registration.

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VI. POLICIES: The VMM has adopted various policies for smooth functioning of the organisation, the policies are: Human Resource policy, Finance Policy, Administration Policy, Prevention of sexual harassment policy, Child protection policy, Gender policy, Communication policy, Knowledge Management Policy and volunteer policy.

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