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Research and Documentation

Vasavya Mahila Mandali believes in community based initiatives to be documented to bring visibility to the issues of the communities with innovative and best practices that can be replicated elsewhere in the World. The social laboratory of VMM operational areas and the data is used to conduct research. The documents can beused by present and future generations for academic and development purposes.

  • Situation analysis of HIV/AIDS in urban and rural Vijayawada” conducted jointly by Vasavya MahilaMandali,Indian Medical Association Bezawada branch and Rotary Club of Vijayawada (1997)
  • Study on "Human Rights-Children" to know the extent of violations of human rights in children (2000).
  • Study on "The Impact of Mass Torture at Pullapadu village" by a team of doctors and social workers to assess the extent of the sequelae of torture and its immediate impact (2002).
  • "Adolescent Girls-Trafficking" was a study to identify the reasons and to propose activity plan was done in Krishna District (2002).
  • Study commissioned by THE WORLD BANK on "Care and Support for children affected by AIDS – Current Provisions in Andhra Pradesh" (2003)
  • Burning Childhood on the streets of Vijayawada” study on the lives of children living on streets (2003)
  • Rashmi, G., Keerthi, B., &Vijaya, Kumari A: Nutrition in Home and community based HIV/AIDS care and support in Andhra Pradesh, Nutrition in the Fight against HIV and AIDS, selected papers from the National consultation on nutritional security and the prevention, treatment and mitigation of HIV and AIDS and TB publication by UN World Food Programme (2004)
  • With the Technical Support of Vasavya the following Studies were taken up based on the experiences of Implementing NGO’s in Coastal Andhra Pradesh.
    • Directory of District Level Resources by MahilaMandaliChirala   (2005)
    • Mapping of Health Care Services by VMM (2005)
    • Process Documentation of Women Self Help Groups in HIV/AIDS Home and Community based Care and Support by Sanghamitra Service Society (2005)
    • Children’s Needs Assessment in the high prevalence HIV/AIDS  by AIRTDS (2005)
    • Study on Child headed families: Impact of HIV/AIDS by MahilaMandaliChirala (2006)
    • Nutrition for People Living HIV/AIDS by MahilaMandaliChirala (2006)
  • An operational research on "Improving the Quality of Medical Services in Home and Community based Care and Support in Coastal Andhra Pradesh" an advocacy tool (2006).
  • An Empirical Study of Street Children in Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, India” conducted by Jane, an Internee from University of Sidney, Australia  (2007)
  • A study on "Impact of HIV on the Education of HIV affected families" by Sateesh, Hyderabad (2008)
  • A study on” Oral and Dental Manifestations in Children Living with HIV/AIDS" by Dr. Radha Krishna, M.D.S (2008)
  • A study on “ART Adherence level among the PLHA and CLHA in HCBCS programme of Vasavya MahilaMandali” by SamineniSudha, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2008)
  • A study on “ income generation activities (IGA) promoted by VMM” by SwethaSingh,Tata Institute of Social Sciences (2008)
  • Doctoral thesis (in process) on “Situational Analysis of AIDS Orphans in Guntur District” by SiluvadasSadu, AcharyaNagarjuna University (2008)
  • Conducted a study “Assessment of double nutrition to Children Living with HIV and AIDS by the order issued by Government of Andhra Pradesh through Integrated Child Development Scheme” for India HIV/AIDS alliance in India (2009)
  • Awarded Doctor of Philosophy by Andhra university, India for the thesis on “Evolution of Community- Driven Approaches for care and support of Children Living with HIV and AIDS: An exploratory study in Andhra Pradesh”by Dr. Keerthi (2010).
  • A study conducted by VMM on the "Situation of the Female Migrants in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India” (2010)
  • A study conducted in 2010 on "Assessing the Vulnerability of Children Issues of Inclusion in Krishna District, India": supported by UNICEF, Hyderabad (2010)
  • Evaluation Report on VMM HIV/AIDS Care and Support Programme: Education and Knowledge-Building for CAA and Vulnerable Children in AP, India” by Dr B. Gangaiah (2010).
  • "Quality of Life among People Living with HIV on Anti-Retroviral Therapy after VMM Programme Implementation: An Impact Assessment of urban slums in Vijayawada, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India" by Swetha Desai, Global Health Policy, MPH Candidate- Summer 2010 Internee from The George Washington University, School of Public Health and Health Services, Washington DC, USA (2010) 
  • Gender-Based Violence In Public Places: Acid Throwing” in depth study conducted and presented in the National conference on Gender Based Violence in Public places: Challenges and Solutions organized by National Commission for Women, UNDP and CEQUIN for bring policy initiatives (October 26-27, 2010)
  • Awarded Master of Philosophy (MPhil) from Andhra University for the thesis “Situaitonal analysis of AIDS Orphans in Krishna district” by Mutluri Abraham(2011)
  • Study on “On the Gender Equality Track: Vijayawada Division, South Central Railway” article published in the book: Proposing New Paradigms:Best Business Practices for Gender Inclusivity. Publishers: Prentice Hall of India ( 2011)
  • Report on the study of “Assessment of the Application of Section 498A of Indian Penal Code in Vijayawada Police Commissionerate in revenue district Krishna- Andhra Pradesh, India”commissioned by National Commission for Women (2011)
  • Study on “Enduring Solutions for Proper Plastic Management: A Constructive Approach to Evaluate the Current Scenario of Plastic Pollution in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh to Propose Better Alternatives” by Aida T Johny and Nimisha Krishnan internees fromAsian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh (2011)
  • Baseline study of Koshish: Andhra Pradesh “ Working Towards better sexual and reproductive health and rights of PLHIV in India”  supported by India HIV/AIDS Alliance funded by European Union (2012)
  • Baseline study on “Improved access to TB services for underserved communities in Andhra Pradesh (TAP)” supported by TB Alert India, Technical support by TB Alert UK funded by DFID (2012)
  • Registered with Andhra University for Phd (2011) on “Situational Analysis of AIDS Orphans in Andhra Pradesh” by Mutluri Abraham (In process)
  • Registered with Nagarjuna University for Phd (2009) on “Situational Analysis of Orphans in Andhra Pradesh” by Maddipalli Naveen Kumar (In process)
  • Awarded Diploma in Philosophy (D Phil) from OXFORD University, UK for the thesis “HIV/AIDS Education for HIV-positive women living in Andhra Pradesh, India” by PriyaLal (2012)
  • Vanishing Girls…” a study on “Imbalanced sex ratios in Andhra Pradesh: Causes, consequences and Solutions” by VMM with the support of  Norwegian Humanist Association (2012)
  • Registered with Nagarjuna Universityfor Ph. D (2012) on “Comparative study on social, educational and psychological factors among male vs. female children of sex workers in coastal Andhra Pradesh” by N NeelaShanthiRajyam.
  • A selected case study titled “Community driven approaches for care and support of children affected by HIV and AIDS in Andhra Pradesh, India” (August 2012)
  • “Salute community ambassadors on preventing child marriages in HIV affected families” article on community practices on the eve of International day of Girl child 11 October 2012, displayed on
  • Study Report On Imbalaced Child Sex Ratio In Andhra Pradesh
  • Causes and consequences of child marriages in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India - Cross Sectional Analysis
  • Home and Community Based HIV/AIDS Care and support programme report 2001 to 2010 (2011)
  • Pediatric AIDS Report: Analysis of the Paediatric AIDS initiative by VMM and its partners in Andhra Pradesh (2011)
  • HIV/AIDS Stigma: HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination Reduction programme through Child CentricCommunity Driven Approach for 12,000 people in three AP urban/rural areas (NACO and UNDP) 2011
  • Endline report on Tuberculosis in Andhra Pradesh - Improved access to TB services for underservedcommunities in Andhra Pradesh (TAP)Tuberculosis Testing and treatment, follow up (2015)