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Vasaya Mahila Mandali Celebrating 40 years


"Vasavya Mahila Mandali is indeed providing life transforming opportunities for hundreds of families affected or infected by HIV in urban and rural villages of the Krishna District and beyond. HIV is currently accepted and managed as a chronic treatable disease and VMM is playing a crucial role in delivering that message to the people of Andhra Pradesh… A small but well organized, dedicated staff has been trained to include and motivate members of each community to support and care for their own, and the results are truly amazing! VMM deserves to be recognized as the leading example for India of HIV/AIDS community education, prevention, home-based care, treatment, and follow-up."

Donna M. Guenther, M.D

" I came to VMM in July 2007 for three months from the United States as a part of my training to receive my Masters in Public Health. During that time, I was able to gain a deep understanding of the issues facing women and children in India, especially as it relates to HIV/Health, and also gain an appreciation for the type of work that VMM does for the community."

Reema Shah

"When invited to share some words about my experience working with VMM, I again felt a sense of honor. Originally, I was honored with a chance to get to know, learn from, and be inspired by a dedicated group of individuals. Now, on such a noteworthy occasion, the experience comes full circle. I am able to venerate those who treated me with great respect and instilled the confidence in me to be a part of a small portion of VMM’s considerable work."

Ms. Haley McCaig

"“A number of NGOs may be contributing for human capital development but VMM stands aloft with it’s quite a laudable contribution of human capital development for the generation of quality human resources by having an astute institutionalized interface with Universities and Colleges, the places of higher learning that produce graduates and postgraduates to the country to handle complex tasks of building the nation."

Dr. KoteswarRaju, Head of the Department of Social Work, Central University, Kerala

"VMM provided placement agency, for students where they have been given training, inculcatingvalues of social service and taken up social work with a missionary zeal."

Dr. ABSV Ranga Rao, Head of the department of Social work and Coordinator Gandhian Studies Centre Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

"Vasavya Mahila Mandali (VMM) is based in Vijayawada (AP) which promotes comprehensive social, economic and political development for women, children and youth in vulnerable situations."

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