1 Health and Nutrition

VMM with Wipro Cares implement project Kushal from 01 January 2022 to 31st December 2024. Kushal is a maternal health project in Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh, India. The project aims to ensure the wellbeing of women in the reproductive age groups in the Greater Municipal Corporation of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh in keeping with sustainable development goals (SDGs) the project is reaching to women, girls, men and boys with a gender inclusive approach to bring awareness on various aspects of maternal health, menstruation and menopause by involving number of state and non-state actors in the catchment area of 72 Urban health centers. Kushal is a sustainable model through community driven approaches by capacitating committed and passionate 720 Kushal Mitras.

With the support from Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS), TI project for Migrants in Krishna district is implemented through five outreach workers covering 60 locations with 60 hotspots. Hotspot is the area where the people gathered for their daily work. On an average 200 to 1000 migrant people live in each location. Each outreach worker covered twelve locations and implementing project from December 2008.

The main objective of the programme is to prevent the sexual diseases from one person to other person. To achieve the above objective programme staff conducted health camps at work sites, conducted ICTC testing, create awareness about HIV/AIDS and other STI, RTI disease, condom promotion and counselling at Drop-in centres.

VMM is running two Mobile Integrated HIV counselling and testing units in Krishna and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh supported by Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society since 2008. For the mobile unit the vehicle was contributed by VMM in Krishna district. This facility, available at the doorsteps in remote areas, increased accessibility to testing in unreached areas like tribal/remote rural areas covering the migrants, women and children. The mobile unit reaches the area during the community convenient time and with the support of NGOs and the local self-governance members educate the communities to undergo testing voluntarily.

VMM is managing two microscopic centres with support of District Tuberculosis at Krishna Lanka, Vijayawada and Machilipatnam to diagnose Tuberculosis from 2017.

The Apollo Tyres health care centre, supported by Appollo Tyres Foundation under its CSR initiatives, is located at Jawahar Autonagar, Vijayawada and has started serving the truckers and allied population since August 2011. The clinic extends services primarily to truckers, helpers, mechanics and subservient population who are commercial sex workers and migrant workers at the halt point. The package of services is towards reduction of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV through behavioural change communication, and condom promotion. The basic purpose of the centre is to let the people voluntarily come and share their problems in free and conducive environment. Satellite clinics are initiated to reach more trucker population as the automobile business is widespread and also providing Eye screening to the community. The truckers and allied registered in the centre for ‘health card’ on payment of INR 15 for a month validation, which benefited them to utilise the services in any Apollo Health care centres throughout India as most of truckers ply National Permit trucks.

Vasavya MahilaMandali has initiated Swetcha Gora Eye Bank. In 1989, Swetcha Gora, grand-daughter of Chennupati Vidya (only daughter of Dr.Keerthi), died after pledging her eyes at the age of seven, in an eye donation drive by Indian Medical Association, Her eyes were donated to two blind people. With this inspiration Swetcha Gora Eye Bank was founded in 1996. Dr. G. Samaram as its Executive Director, the Swetcha Gora Eye Bank has motivated the urban and rural people on eye donation, collected family pledge forms, documented the donor and recipient list, conducted Keratoplasty surgeries with the support of local ophthalmologists and collaborated with government and non-government agencies.

Swetcha Gora Eye Bank is the life member of Eye Bank Association of India and is the only community-based eye bank successfully run by a women’s organisation. Through Swetcha Gora Eye Bank, 850 people received their vision. More than two hundred thousand people, pledged to donate their eyes. This is possible to VMM only by its realistic and practical approach to social work and social problems and collaboration with service organisations. District Blindness Control Society, Krishna district supports Keratoplasty and for organising Eye donation fortnight celebration (from August 25 to September 8) every year.

This outstanding achievement has been recognised and the eye bank is honoured by giving prestigious place in ‘The India Book of Records’ in the year 2012.


Provide Family Household water Tap Connection (FHTC) in Rural households to have quality drinking water supply regularly with affordable service delivery charges leading to improvement in living standards of rural communities in Mylavaram and Tiruvuru subdivisions of NTR district, Andhra Pradesh with support of Jal Jeevan Mission, Government of India through District Water and Sanction Committee, NTR District, Andhra Pradesh from 1st July 2022.

Women irrespective of their socio-economic, educational status or their geographical location (urban/rural) have long been struggling to receive maintenance from their spouses. VMM conducted PAN India study and a report is prepared with recommendations in May 2022.


2 Skill Development & Livelihoods

In an effort to enhance skills of local women and make them self-reliant, with the support of Shriram Foundation started a tailoring and Fashion designing training centre at Vijayawada.

Training to Women in sewing machine mechanism through Usha Silai Schools with support of Usha International Limited in Krishna and Prakasam Districts.

Supporting women to enhance livelihoods by providing material support to start food-vending carts with support of AXIS BANK FOUNDATION and also trains hygiene maintenance and quality maintenance at food points as part of business development.

With support of NABARD MAA THOTA: Tribal Development Fund (TDF) project to VMM to implement the Integrated Tribal Development programme in A.Konduru tribal mandal, Krishna District of October 2011 supporting 800 tribal families in Horticulture development through digging of bore wells, instalation of electricty connections. Supply of core plants of mango and guava; Teak and Vakkai (Karanda) plantation for boundary and live hedge, intercrop and supply of manures and also supporting in Non-FarmLivelihoods.

VMM established “Rural Mart” with the support of NABARD in July 2017. Rural Mart is a store to showcase the products of Vasavya Mahila Farmer Producers Company. Mart is very useful to the members to display and marketing of products. The store promotes different types of items, which is produced by the SHG members. The aim behind opening the mart is to provide a market for domestic items at competitive rates to rural people engaged in producing such products. The endeavour is also to provide unadulterated eatables and genuine products at reasonable rate toconsumers living in urban areas.

3 Education

Life By Design https://lifeby-design.com/coaching is a boutique coaching and consulting company based in Singapore, with a mission is to build a Coaching Culture in the Education Sector and empower the Future Leaders with social-emotional skills to thrive in the VUCA world. VMM and Life By Design believe that a holistic approach to wellbeing at the individual, grass-roots, leadership and organization level will lead to sustainable impact in the society.

VMM is implementing Urban Residential Special Training Centre for deprived children (Girls) supported by Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), from 17th March 2012 at Vijayawada. This is a ten-month project and aims to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children from 6 to 14 years age group of 100 girl children. These children belong to orphan, child labourers and disturbed families. Children are mainstreamed to academic studies in Government schools.

Vasavya Mahila Mandali with an objective to empower the students with a creative-thinking model, develop a Growth Mindset, set SMART goals, build resilience and a positive attitude towards studies, work and life. In order to achieve this objective VMM has collaborated with Life By Design, Singapore, Step Out and GROW Life Coaching Intervention piloted with a group of students aged 11-15 years both boys and girls from Vijayawada ,Andhra Pradesh initiated from January 2022.

VMM is managing a dance learning centre since 1983 to develop fine arts in the area of dance in classical: Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam and folk. Dance is one of the medium for community awareness and education through traditional forms, delivering message for low literate population. About 70-80 girls and boys learn dance under the mentorship of ‘guru’ known for his dedication in training the students by inculcating values and discipline. The regular classes are on Saturday, Wednesday evening hours and Sunday morning hours, on payment.


AMMA Project was initiated by Vasavya Mahila Mandali, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh with support of HCL Foundation

Foundation and collaboration with Vijayawada City Police in the year 2017. The objective of the Project is Triggering change in attitudes and behaviours of patriarchy and creating a safety network for women in Vijayawada. A social movement aimed at empowering women in preventing, detecting and resolving violence against women through joining hands with Vijayawada city police. Forming on Mahila Mitra in five zones under 20 Police stations under Vijayawada premises and Strengthening of Mahila Mitra through knowledge building on laws and rights, Awareness generation for boys and men on gender stereotypes and saying no to violence and Coordination meetings with police and Mahila Mitra members.

Women’s education and emancipation of women makes them stand on their own. In this process women have to come out of their houses and stay at far off places at the place of work. Even for short term and long term trainings, women need a secured shelter. This project is named after ‘Indira Priya Darshini’ as in 1982 the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi suggested Chennupati Vidya (then Vidya was Member of Indian Parliament) to start a working women’s hostel. Chennupati Seshagiri Rao, chief patron of VMM donated 1180 square yards of land in Benz Circle, prime location in Vijayawada for the construction of working women’s hostel. The hostel was inaugurated by His Excellency, the then Vice-President of India Sri.R.Venkat Raman on 9th August 1985.

The facility accommodates 150 young girls and women and is managed by VMM with robust systems: authenticated admission procedures; round the clock security services with CC cameras, watch and ward care and timely support during family emergencies; serve Andhra cuisine; in-campus recreation, library, counselling facilities.

The Family Counselling Centre (FCC) provide counselling, referral and rehabilitative services to women and children who are victims of atrocities, family maladjustments and social ostracism and also provide crisis intervention and trauma counselling in case of natural disasters. The FCC work in close collaboration with the local administration, police, courts, free legal aid cells, medical and psychiatric institutions and vocational training centres, short stay homes.

Sri Dandamudi Sarojini Devi &Veera Raghavaiah Home for the Aged at GosalaVilage, Krishna district was initiated in 1993 for 30 Older Women abandoned by their children and family members. The Home is running with public contributions by providing shelter, food, clothing and medicines.

VMM is social development support NGO for the World Bank for “Amaravati sustainable capital city development project (ASCCDP)” with the objective “to build selected urban infrastructure in identified parts of Amaravati city and enhance capacity of its urban governance institutions” focused on basic urban and pro-poor infrastructure, sustainable (‘green’) urban investments and technical assistance in Amaravati capital city area. The project commenced from 13th November 2017.

VMM conducted on ‘Assessment of Impact on Agricultural Labourers and Implementation of Benefits Packages in Amaravati Capital City Villages’ in January 2018 and supported for ‘Action Plan for Women Safety and Risk Mitigation’(APWSRM) for Amaravati Capital City in November 2018.

VMM has initiated a project “Empowering Youth to Combat Gender Based Violence (GBV)”, Supported by US State Department in the year 2017. The project Yuva Mitra is focusing on training of 900 youth to combat gender-based violence and make them as gender champions. The training delivered through interactive workshops will improve sensitivity of individuals towards opposite gender, facilitate change in individual’s attitudes and encourage youth to mitigate gender-based violence by becoming a Yuva Mitra. This project will engaged 900 youth in 30 colleges across 3 cities in India: Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam.

Community-Led Action Programme by Police for Women’s safety in Public places in Vijayawada city through PCVC with support of the US Consulate General, Hyderabad with coordination of Vijayawada City Police during November 2017. The project will adopt SARA model; Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment with its cyclical 4 stage process.

The rescue and Protection home is co-managed by with Women and Child Welfare department, Government of Andhra Pradesh with support of PRAJWALA from February 2019. Victims of sex trafficking who are subjected to sexual violence go through irreversible psychological damage and are vulnerable to be infected by a range of sexually transmitted infections. Most of the times the issue of reintegration with the family becomes a distant reality as families are reluctant to accept responsibility for the victims. Rehabilitation is the sum total of multiple processes including psychological healing, economic empowerment and a civic identity. All this leads to the successful integration of a survivor in the society. The duration of stay in a Safe Home is individual specific depending on various factors including legal status of the case, family acceptance and family safety.

5 Environment Creating awareness on Environment in community, school and college students.
Tree plantation at schools in Vijayawada

Solar power initiated with NABARD support and Government of AP …. For horticulture development in about 250 acres for irrigation

VMM main campus installed 36 KWP Solar power unit with HCL Foundation support.

Initiated 10 KWP Solar Power unit at Dandamudi Veera Raghavaiah and Sarojini Devi home for aged with the support of Australian Consulate, Chennai

Provide Family Household water Tap Connection (FHTC) in Rural households to have quality drinking water supply regularly with affordable service delivery charges leading to improvement in living standards of rural communities in Mylavaram and Tiruvuru subdivisions of NTR district, Andhra Pradesh with support of Jal Jeevan Mission, Government of India through District Water and Sanction Committee, NTR District, Andhra Pradesh from 1st July 2022.

Women irrespective of their socio-economic, educational status or their geographical location (urban/rural) have long been struggling to receive maintenance from their spouses. VMM conducted PAN India study and a report is prepared with recommendations in May 2022.