Chennupati Seshagiri Rao

Chennupati Seshagiri Rao (1920 – 2008)was born on 20th June 1920 atPatamata Lanka village near Vijayawada to Anjaiah and Rangamma, from an agricultural family.

(Photo in 1934 with family) He refused to attend the British run schools and was educated by his mother at home. He was involved in India’s freedom struggle and was a Gandhian. Chennupati Seshagiri Rao had an illustrious life through his simplicity and honesty. He spoke through his deeds. He reached out to the most disadvantaged people and helped them to lead their life with dignity. He was a philanthropist and was instrumental for promoting women’s education in Vijayawada by sponsoring lands, creating facility for commuting and education supplies. He was contributory for thousands of children to become engineers, doctors and other professionals.He was married to Vidya, third daughter of Gora breaking the barriers of caste. He had three daughters and one son: Rashmi, Keerthi,Deeksha and Vazeer.(Family photo)

In 1960s he actively involved in establishing Jawahar Autonagar at Vijayawada with multi specialty auto services, which is the biggest one in Asia. Although he himself was a fleet operator, but he had taken lot of interest for the welfare of Hamalis by supporting them in establishing a union and he was the founder Chairman. For rising the voices of the transport operators and represent to Government and other stakeholders founded Lorry owners association at state level by having district level associations that are instrumental in doing advocacy and improved the skilled personnel in automobile field. For supply of quality products to the lorry owners he motivated them to form into a Mutually Aided cooperative society that became a best model in India with maximum business and optimum services to lorry owners.

His services to automible industry were recognized by Government of India with an award ‘Transport Samrat’ in 2000 (Photo).

He was a nominated member on ITI (Industrial TrainigInsitute) Vijayawada and was instrumental in selecting students from rural areas to become skilled persons. He provided shelter and food to hundreads of rural students studying in Vijayawada through community mobilisaiton. He is an ardent follower of naturopathy and led many youth, women and men to health by establishing Mahatma Gandhi ArogyaSadanam.

He along with his wife Vidyaare the architects of Vasavya MahilaMandali and many other organizations. He donated about 1190 square yards in the mid of Vijayawada city to Vasavya MahilaMandali. He donated land of 2000 square yeards for establishing the first World Atheit Centre at Vijayawada, India. Their vision of supporting women and girls inspired the next generations to continue the mission. He participated in indian Olympics representing Andhra Pradesh in Weightliftingand secured bronze medal(Third place).He himself was a wrestler. After having a successful life of 86 years he had his last breath on 19th July 2008.