S.No Publication Name Description of the Content Language
1 Drinking water awareness A pamphlet on awareness on deflorination of drinking water at community level (1991) Telugu
2 StreeluArogyam A information book on mother and child health focusing on Antenatal and Post natal care (ANC and PNC) (1995) Telugu
3 StreeluArogyaSamasyalu A booklet for answers to FAQs on women’s health (1996) Telugu
4 The AIDS orphans of Andhra Pradesh A study of the current provisions for the care and support for children orphaned by AIDS commissioned by The World Bank (2003) English
5 Stay Fit and feel good- a health guide for caregivers and volunteers A community manual for psychosocial and physical care for PLHA (2004) Telugu
6 Moving Forward, a report on pioneering responses to CAA in Andhra Pradesh A report on pioneering responses to children affected by HIV/AIDS in AP, India (2004) English
7 Prevention of Parent to child transmission (PPTCT)) IEC material on PPTCT in Telugu with existing PPTCTs information in Andhra Pradesh.(2005) Telugu
8 ChigurincheAshalu- voices of children A publication of Children voices in Telugu (2005) Telugu
9 HIV/AIDS- counseling A book on counseling skills (2005) Telugu
10 Training Manual for trainers on Children support groups A training manual in Telugu for community volunteers and outreach workers.(2006) Telugu
11 HIV/AIDS- Confidentiality A booklet for providing information on confidentiality to NGOs, community volunteers and other stakeholders.(2005) Telugu
12 Good food for good health- Nutrition education A book on nutrition with nutritive values and 100 recipes.(2005) Telugu
13 Psycho social support to children A training manual on psychosocial support to children affected by HIV/AIDS(2005) Telugu
14 Living Positively Study conducted in AP among women in vulnerable circumstances and the reasons for increased feminization of HIV/AIDS in AP (2005) English
15 Document of Krishna community health interventions Includes the information on awareness programmes for enhancing the community health on TB, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, Malaria, Filaria (2005-06) English
16 Child protection policy A publication of policy on child protection (2006) Telugu
17 Child to child approaches A training manual for the child leaders on Public health issues (2006) Telugu
18 ChittiChilakamma- A guide for increasing children’s participation through play way methods A guide for people starting to work with orphans and vulnerable children with different energizers (2006) Telugu
19 A Booklet on Vigilance committees Which includes the information on the Members of Vigilance committee, roles and responsibilities and the importance of Vigilance Committees for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and trafficking.(2007) Telugu
20 An empirical study of Street children in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh The impact of the various interventions and the improved life of the street children in Vijayawada (2007) English
21 Women’s Voices Stories by women about their lives in a world with HIV/AIDS and how it is impacting the lives of their children (2007) English
22 Advocacy in Action Translated the tool kit published by IHAA into Telugu by VMM 2007 English
23 Resource Mobilization Translated the tool kit published by IHAA into Telugu by VMM 2007 Telugu
24 Documentation and Communication Translated the tool kit published by IHAA into Telugu by VMM 2005 Telugu
25 Children’s voices Published by International HIV/AIDS Alliance covering 19 children’s voices of VMM children with best practices. English
26 HIV-TB confection A information book for providing information to NGOs, community volunteers and other stakeholders Telugu
27 Building Resilience Ten years of VMM’s work with communities on Home and community based HIV and AIDS care and support English
28 Vasavya- the service that speaks VMM’s 40 years document English
29 HIV and child A Leaflet developed by VMM and WHO for NACO English
30 ART and Child A Leaflet developed by VMM and WHO for NACO English
31 SAHRUDAYA Newsletter Published by VMM English
32 Second Innings A Report on Pioneering Responses to Grannies affected by HIV/AIDSin Andhra Pradesh, India(2009) English
33 Children Support Group Training Modules The training material consists of two documents- the Facilitator Guide and the Participant Handout to train the outreach staff (2009) English
34 Vasavya Cartoons Publication on cartoons designed by children on HIV/AIDS Stigma discrimination and Environment(2010) Telugu
35 Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Programme Report A report on HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination reduction programme with a community driven child centric approach(2010) English
36 VMM Photo stories The photo stories of children affected by AIDS. English
37 VMM Projects TAP The TB Alert supported project TAP (TB-HIV in Andhra Pradesh Programme) is funded by the Department for International Development and is being implemented in six districts of Andhra Pradesh state in India by Vasvaya Mahila Mandali (VMM) . The project, which works with fisher folk and indigenous communities, has been praised for the success of its work with local self help groups in the Indian Government's national TB control programme report, 2013. Download the full report from the Indian Government website English
38 Child Sex Ratio Poster Child Sex Ratio Poster Telugu
39 Building Resilience Building Resilience English
40 ART and Calendar A tool to track the Treatment adherence among children (2007) English
41 The story of Bam Bam Virus A pictorial expression of HIV education to children (2007) English
42 Play way tools Snake and ladder popular game to educate low literate population on HIV treatment and adherence. English
43 Vasavya Golden Jubilee Souvenir VMM’s 50 years document. English
44 Through their Eyes Words and Images created by children of Picturing Hope. English
45 CLAAP Facilitators Module The tool is aid to action groups to conduct structured action oriented discusion in communities and institutions on sexual harassment against women in public spaces, for its prevention and redresser.. English

Telugu is vernacular being used by the people in Andhra Pradesh, a southern state in India